2015, and What the New Year Means for Dentistry

A look ahead at the most important issues facing the profession

Dental predictions for 2015

Predictions for the field of dentistry in 2015 include adapting to changing health care reforms and ensuring quality, affordable dental coverage for seniors. (Photo: Bigstock)

It’s time to look ahead in 2015 and see what issues are going to be the most important for dental professionals across the U.S. This year, two big issues should be on the radar of everyone in the field: changes due to the Affordable Care Act and aging baby boomers impacting the system as a whole.

Enter Bill Chase, vice president of marketing for :DentalPlans. The company is known for keeping up with the latest trends in dentistry, and with that, Chase has some interesting predictions for 2015.

For one, he says that the current changes in health care just aren’t enough.

“The Affordable Care Act does little to solve the dental crisis in America, especially for adults,” Chase said in an interview with DentistryIQ. “As baby boomers lose their employer-sponsored dental insurance and realize that Medicare doesn’t provide much in the way of dental coverage, there will be an increasing demand to address this issue.”

The hardest part may be trying to find the right balance between making dental coverage affordable without hurting the field altogether.

“As a nation, we need to sort out ways to provide affordable, quality dental care to everyone while still enabling oral health-care professionals to run profitable businesses. If we can’t do that, we’ll start seeing a big spike in dental tourism, and sadly we’ll also see many people sickened and worse for lack of access to affordable dental care.”

Another issue facing dentistry this year is the oral health of the aging baby boomer population. Chase mentions that about one in four Americans over the age of 65 has lost all of their natural teeth due to a lack of affordable coverage. In order to change these drastic figures, dental health needs to be at the forefront of the national health care conversation.

“Affordable preventive care would go a long way toward keeping seniors’ mouths healthy and smiling. We need to stop treating dental care as a luxury option and bring it into the mainstream health care system where it belongs.”

For more of Bill Chase’s 2015 dental predictions, click here: What Will 2015 Bring for Dental Professionals and Patients?

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