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Peripheral Nerve Blocks: What Can They Do For You?

An overview of the regional anesthetic procedure Just what exactly is a peripheral nerve block? This regional anesthetic procedure is gaining new ground in modern healthcare for a variety of different reasons. In short, peripheral nerve blocks are a type … Continue reading

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Data Mining for Solutions

How hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic are using data to improve patient satisfaction Big data is a growing trend in modern health care, and hospitals and other medical facilities alike are starting to figure out how to apply this data … Continue reading

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Radiology and Your Hospital: Rethink and Regroup

Ohio hospital strikes innovative new partnership with outside imaging practice Patient care and satisfaction is a top priority for many hospitals and healthcare networks across the country, and many facilities are trying new approaches to keep their patients, and physicians, … Continue reading

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The Most Surprising Misconceptions of Dermatology

Four ways you’re misinformed abut the dermatology profession  According to a recent survey, most people living in the U.S. have a misconception about dermatology and what dermatologists actually do. Not only do the results express a “lack of understanding of … Continue reading

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3 Uses for Peripheral Nerve Blocks You Didn’t Even Know About

The common regional anesthetic procedure is finding more uses in non-surgical settings Peripheral nerve blocks have proven to be a welcome relief for patients and physicians alike, with the ability to lessen the need for opioids as well as provide … Continue reading

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2015, and What the New Year Means for Dentistry

A look ahead at the most important issues facing the profession It’s time to look ahead in 2015 and see what issues are going to be the most important for dental professionals across the U.S. This year, two big issues … Continue reading

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Money, It’s a Gas: The High Cost of Being a Veterinarian

Rising student loan debt could be plaguing the profession This year, nearly 4,000 college students completed their veterinary education and started their journey into the profession, which is up from 2,500 in 2010. While this is certainly good news for … Continue reading

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Best Hospitals 2014-15: Honor Roll

16 out of 17 top hospitals rely on Havel’s U.S. News & World Report released their annual power rankings of the nation’s best hospitals. The study covers nearly 5,000 medical centers and spans 16 medical specialties, ranging from cancer to neurology. … Continue reading

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Neck Pain? Try More Than One Option, Together

“Combination therapy” could be the best answer for long-term relief A study based on 169 men and women with common neck pain recommends not one but two different forms of treatment used together as the best option for overall relief, … Continue reading

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Clearer, Brighter: Ultrasound and the CCR Revolution

A change in methodology created the need for an ultrasound-guided needle By Zach Rogers Editor, Havel’s Inc. Part Two: Corners, cubes and the Havel’s advantage Earlier, we looked at how ultrasound-guided needle injections are beginning to dominate the field of regional anesthesia. … Continue reading

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