Cleveland Clinic Adapts to Changing Health Care Landscape

The industry is evolving, and so is the clinic

Changes in health care

Health care is changing rapidly, and Cleveland Clinic wants to be on the front line of this change. (Photo: Bigstock)

Health care systems big and small are trying to adapt to the constant changes within the industry. The same can be said for the Cleveland Clinic, one of the country’s largest and most well-known health systems, according to an article in The New York Times.

In the past, Cleveland Clinic prided itself with the ability to treat the “sickest of the sick,” but now that might not be good enough. Patients are starting to look for care outside of the hospital setting, and insurance providers are moving towards new payment models, as well as encouraging health care systems to be able to manage all of a patient’s medical needs, not just a few specialties. Because of this, the clinic is beginning to reposition itself as a place to treat primary care and chronic conditions in addition to performing other more complicated procedures.

Many of the clinic’s 10 community hospitals and 16 family health centers are already starting to implement this change. Dr. Delos M. Cosgrove, the Cleveland Clinic’s chief executive, shut down the affiliated Huron Hospital in 2011 and replaced it with a new family health center focusing on primary care. It also expanded hours at its separate walk-in clinic in order to encourage patients who have minor health problems to visit there rather than an emergency room.

Another aspect the Cleveland Clinic is looking into is how to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality care. Private insurers are starting to move further and further away from hospitals they deem too costly. Last year the clinic reduced costs by about $500 million, a huge leap forward in the eyes of insurers.

Since taking over a decade ago, Dr. Cosgrove has put a focus on measuring patient outcomes, which he feels will help Cleveland Clinic get a better sense of how it’s delivering care. The clinic has invested in new computer systems that can track patients in different settings to see how they’re managing their care.

Elsewhere, the clinic is looking to expand its reach by joining forces with Akron General Health System, which will give Cleveland Clinic an even bigger presence in its home state of Ohio. It also became a part of the Midwest Health Collaborative, a group of health systems whose overall goal is to provide better care across the state.

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