Cloud Computing: Why Your Dental Practice Should Make the Switch

Cloud-based storage systems are becoming the norm for healthcare

Cloud computing for your dental practice

Cloud computing is changing the way healthcare organizations around the world store data.

These days, it seems like the cloud is everywhere. That’s because, quite literally, it is.

Already, the cloud has made sweeping changes across the medical field, as hospitals and practices make the change from paper-based and hardware storage systems to cloud-based systems. Now, it’s time for dentistry to do the same.

The cloud is a revolutionary advancement, and it can be a valuable tool for dentistry. When you’re “in the cloud,” it essentially means you’re using an Internet-based space to store all of your data. Patient records, X-rays, images – all of your electronic data can be stored in the cloud. By using the cloud, you get a data-storage solution that is flexible and responsive to your practice’s needs.

One of the best advantages of moving to the cloud is the ability to access the most up-to-date information anywhere, anytime. It’s always there to see no matter where you’re at or what device you’re using, as long as that device supports the cloud. It used to be hard to know whether you had the most updated version of your patient’s records, and outdated information can be harmful to both the patient and your practice. By using the cloud, all changes made to a patient’s file are updated automatically, and these changes can be seen by all users across multiple teams or offices, as long as they have authorization to do so. Anyone viewing a patient’s file through the cloud can rest assured that they’re looking at the most recent information on their patient.

Another advantage to the cloud is its flexibility. Making the switch is relatively simple, and storage space is practically unlimited. In addition, using the cloud is highly cost-effective. Most cloud service providers also provide IT support, which can save your dental practice a lot of money in the long run.

Many dentists new to the cloud worry about its reliability. With the cloud, the loss of data is nearly impossible. As far as security, the chance of someone accessing your data without permission or hacking into your cloud is low. Protection is offered through your cloud service provider, and it’s actually more secure than a traditional desktop program. You can be certain that only the people you want seeing your information will have access to it.

More than anything, the biggest reason for dentists to move to the cloud is simply because it’s the wave of the future. More and more health care organizations are implementing the cloud for their data storage, and nobody wants to be standing in the dust while their competition stays ahead of the times.

For more in-depth information on using the cloud for your dental practice, click here: Why You Need to Move Your Dental Practice to the Cloud.

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