Have No Fear: Epidural, Spinal Anesthesia Risks Low for Childbirth

Study shows rate of complications under 3 percent

epidural spinal anesthesia risks low for women during childbirth

New research shows that the risks for epidural and spinal anesthesia are very low for women during childbirth.

According to a new study, the risks associated with receiving an epidural and spinal anesthesia during childbirth are extremely low, with the overall rate of complications just under 3 percent. Data from more than 80,000 women who received an epidural or spinal anesthesia was used in the research, and the most common complications involved medications, either from receiving too much/too little anesthesia or being administered unintended or expired medications.

The biggest fear among women receiving an epidural or spinal anesthesia is the dreaded “spinal headache,” or post-dural puncture headache as it’s formally known. However, this new research found that the experience only occurred in 0.2 percent of patients. The study and its findings were presented at the most recent annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists in New Orleans.

To read more about the new study, click here: Risks From Epidural, Spinal Anesthesia Low: Study.

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