Fine Needle Aspiration and Mesothelioma: A Better Method for Diagnosis

Italian researchers conclude it as their “preferred technique”

Fine needle aspiration biopsy might be better for diagnosing mesothelioma

Researchers have found that a fine needle aspiration biopsy might be a better way to diagnose mesothelioma because it is less painful for patients.

A group of Italian researchers from the University of Catania say they have found a better way to make tissue sampling for mesothelioma easier and less painful on patients.

The technique, called a thoracic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy, relies on a specialized ultrasound technique designed specifically for chest imaging. Unlike a standard cutting-needle biopsy, a fine needle aspiration biopsy uses a finer needle to collect a small amount of tissue for examination. Researchers say that although samples collected from this technique are small, they are still suitable for evaluation, and the procedure itself is less traumatic for patients.

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