Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, Havel’s has divided the FAQs into categories by product.


Q: Why can’t I order needles online?
A: We must verify that you are a physician or working for a physicians office or hospital.

Q: Why do you bill by the each and not by the box?
A: We carry many unique needles and sizes. A box of 12″ needles could last years.

Q: What are CCR marks?
A: Corner Cube Reflectors. They are found on our EchoStim, EchoBlock and EchoBlock MSK and create multiple angled surfaces to reflect sound waves back to a an Ultrasound Transducer.

Q: Does the EchoStim come in a continuous set?
A: Not yet. We only have single shot needles available, but are currently working on a continuous set.

Q: Can you run a wire through the EchoBlock MSK for vascular access?
A: No. The CCR marks on the EchoBlock MSK are pressed into the needle’s shaft. This creates obstacles for the wire because of the smaller inner diameter.

Q: What is the difference between the Sprotte and Pencil point needles?
A: Most “pencil point” needles, like the Whitacre, have shoulders like a pencil. The Sprotte is more conical and therefore more Atraumatic.

Q: Why do your needles have back-bevels in addition to their standard bevels?
A: Our back-bevels make our needles travel straight to their target with with little or no lateral deviation.


Q: Are surgical and mini blade samples available?
A: Absolutely. Just let our customer service representative know the size and type that you’d like to try and we can send you a no cost sample immediately.

Q: How many blades come in a box?
A: Typically, all of our surgical blades come in boxes of 100. The exception is our selection of mini and chisel blades. You can purchase those by the dozen, also.

Q: What’s the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel blades?
A: Carbon steel is harder, starts out sharper and cannot be resterilized. Carbon steel blades are designed to be disposable. Stainless steel has more flexibility because it is not as hard, but it stays sharper longer than carbon steel. Stainless steel can be resterilized.

Q: Can I use a regular #8 handle with 25XT blades?
A: No. You must use an #8XT handle with 25XT blades.

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7 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. marcos yebra gallegos says:

    are selling products in mexico?

  2. rreed says:

    We do sell some products to Mexico. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-638-4770.

    Thank you.

  3. saikrishna says:

    Thank you for letting us know the basics of needles and could you let us know the trends in Suture needle market and is it being effected by recent wound closures.

  4. What size handle do i need for #10 surgical blade?
    Thank You,

  5. rreed says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Follow the link here:—scalpels-havel-s-surgical-handles.html

    This should help you out with what your looking for. The #3, 3m, 7 and 9 is going to be your best bet. Also check out our Small Fitment scalpel handles #10-15c on that same page. Hope this helps!

  6. John Downham says:

    Will your Pathology scalpel handle #8 fit your #25 carbon steel blade?

  7. rreed says:

    Our #8 pathology handle only fits the #60, #70 and #AUT22XT autopsy blades. Thank you.

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