Havel’s Echogenic Needles Breaking Records at ASA 2011

John Barrett

John Barrett,
VP Sales & Marketing

Last month the American Society of Anesthesiologists held its annual meeting in Chicago, IL. Havel’s® Inc. attended the show and gave away a record number of free samples of our echogenic needles to interested attendees.

Havel’s started a day early with a stop at the W Hotel for the Duke University Pre-ASA Ultrasound for Every Anesthesiologist Workshop where we showcased our echogenic needles. The day long workshop brought a number of free sample requests as attendees stopped by our table to ask about the market leading EchoStim® Echogenic Insulated Needles.

The big show began Saturday morning and before the evenings reception even started, Havel’s had already surpassed the 2010 first day totals for free sample requests. Most attendees were interested in Havel’s EchoStim® Echogenic Insulated Needle for ultrasound guided regional anesthesia by those using ultrasound and nerve stimulation together, though some advanced practitioners using ultrasound only wanted to try the non-insulated EchoBlock® and EchoBlock® PTC30. All were impressed by the images of the needles under ultrasound, and were even more surprised to hear our needles cost about the same or less than regular insulated needles.

As in previous years Havel’s also provided echogenic needle samples for use at the various cadaver ultrasound workshops. The echogenic needles are an added safety feature for any user, but are very helpful to those new to ultrasound. Several attendees stopped by for additional practice on our phantom, using the ultrasound machine generously provided by Sonosite.

Once again the ASA Annual Meeting organizers did an excellent job planning the show and selecting the venue and host city. Chicago made an excellent backdrop for the event and each evening’s entertaining. We at Havel’s are looking forward to another great year and urge everyone who may have missed us at the show, to call or click here for your own free samples. Thanks to everyone that did stop by, and we will see you all next year in Washington DC.

~ John Barrett

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