Hitting the Road with Havel’s Echogenic Needles

Shelly Ast, Account Representative

Shelly Ast
Account Representative

Havel’s Inc. has been busy at several different ultrasound workshops showing off our echogenic needles, and regardless of the city, our needles are always popular.

Havel’s recent string of workshops started with the ASRA Pain Workshop at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago, IL on September 10th. Since this was a pain workshop we displayed the EchoBlock® MSK needle, which has Corner Cube Reflectors (CCR®) near the tip; and the EchoBlock® PTC and EchoTuohy™ needles, which both have Micro Laser Etchings (MLE™) near the tip. This was a very successful workshop, and we took many sample requests for all three needle styles.

The next stop was a weekend show with the Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists at the Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel in our hometown of Cincinnati, OH on September 17th and 18th. There we displayed our full array of needles including those mentioned above, as well as the market leading EchoStim® Echogenic Insulated Needle for ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, for those using ultrasound and nerve stimulation together. There were many attendees that were very intrigued by the variety of needles Havel’s has to offer.

The final stop on our September whirlwind tour was at the ASRA Ultrasound Workshop at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, MA on September 24th. As with all ultrasound workshops, we featured our EchoStim® and EchoBlock® needles, which have our patent pending CCR® marks; and our EchoBlock® PTC30 and EchoTuohy™ needles, which have the MLE™ near the tip. As usual ASRA provided us with a great opportunity to speak to, and get samples in the hands of a number of doctors.

After an exhausting but very successful and exciting September, we are now busy preparing for our upcoming shows at the ASA in Chicago this October, the SPPM Show in Kansas City and the ASRA Fall Pain Show in New Orleans, both in November. If you plan to attend any of these shows, be sure to stop by say hello and request a free sample, or you may click here to be taken to our free sample online request form, or call me today at (800) 638-4770.

~ Shelly Ast
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