Combating Lateral Deviation in Spinal and Procedure Needles

Hakko spinal and procedure needles

Havel’s line of Hakko specialty needles.

Part Two: Quality Control

By Zach Rogers

Editor, Havel’s Inc.

Earlier, we discussed the importance of our Hakko multi-bevel spinal and procedure needles and the effect the multi-bevel has on reducing lateral deviation. Now let’s look more closely at another key component of our needles: the cannula.

The cannula is a hollow tube that can be inserted into a vein, artery or other part of the body for the purpose of administering medication or removing fluids. Cannulas, or cannulae, come in a variety of different styles depending on its use in a particular treatment. The cannula, along with the hub or handle, work together to form a functioning needle. Whether you’re performing regional anesthesia or a fine-needle aspiration biopsy, you need a needle that’s capable of getting the job done right, one where every detail is crafted to perfection.

The quality and care during the manufacturing process is vital not only for the cannula, but for every part of the needle. The quality with which your needle is made, and the quality of the steel in particular, significantly affects how your needle will handle itself. High-quality stainless steel will reduce what’s called the “bowing” effect, or the unintended bending of the needle inside the body. While some procedures may call for a needle to bend for maneuverability, you’ll need absolute confidence in the needle’s ability to bend, but not break. That’s why Havel’s goes the distance with our line of Hakko spinal needles and procedure needles.

Hakko guarantees quality by pulling all of their stainless steel in-house, which eliminates all impurities and promises a better product. The lack of impurities creates a solid, flexible cannula that will bend without fault. Because of this unique attention to detail, Havel’s promises exceptional quality in each and every one of our Hakko specialty needles.


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