The Most Surprising Misconceptions of Dermatology

Four ways you’re misinformed abut the dermatology profession 

Tablet with the medical specialty Dermatology on the display

A new study reveals that the majority of Americans are misinformed about the dermatology profession. (Photo: Bigstock)

According to a recent survey, most people living in the U.S. have a misconception about dermatology and what dermatologists actually do. Not only do the results express a “lack of understanding of the day-to-day realities of dermatology,” but more importantly some are worried that the misconception could result in people not seeking out the proper care for skin diseases.

Here are the four most common misconceptions the general public has concerning dermatology:

  1. Dermatologists spend the majority of their time working on cosmetic procedures – The survey revealed that 27 percent of Americans think that dermatologists spend the majority of their time doing cosmetic procedures. In reality, about 10 percent of their work involves cosmetic procedures, while the remaining 90 percent is made up of surgery and managing medical conditions.
  2. Dermatologists only deal with medical conditions like acne, skin cancer and melanoma – Although skin cancer and melanoma are some of the most common diseases they diagnose, dermatologists treat over 3,000 different kinds of diseases.
  3. Dermatologists don’t see as many patients as other types of doctors – Dermatologists tend to work fewer hours than other specialties, but report seeing more patients.
  4. Dermatologists are overpaid for what they do – While dermatologists do tend to make more than the average primary care physician, they still earn less than other specialty fields like cardiologists and plastic surgeons.

To read more on the misconceptions of dermatology study, click here: Many Think of Dermatology as Superficial: Survey.

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