Neck Pain? Try More Than One Option, Together

“Combination therapy” could be the best answer for long-term relief

best treatment for neck pain is combination therapy

The secret to long-term relief for neck pain could be found in “combination therapy,” according to new research from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

A study based on 169 men and women with common neck pain recommends not one but two different forms of treatment used together as the best option for overall relief, according to a group of pain specialists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Researchers found that a combination of spinal steroid injections and conservative treatment with physical therapy and painkillers could provide the best relief for neck pain over a long period of time. Both steroid injections and conservative treatment work equally well as stand-alone treatments in the short run, but for the best long-term results, a combination of injections, physical therapy and painkillers worked surprisingly well together.

It is unknown why the combination therapy performed better over stand-alone options, and additional studies are needed to determine the exact reason for success. One possibility is that the steroid injections and pain drugs leveraged the effects of each other, while another possibility could be that all the components working together actually complemented one another.

To learn more about the new study, click here: Study Finds Best Way to Treat Neck Pain.

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