A Century of Innovation: Radiological Society of North America’s 2014 Annual Meeting

RSNA celebrates historical anniversary with president’s address on Sunday

RSNA President speaks to crowd at RSNA annual meeting

RSNA President N. Reed Dunnick, M.D., speaks to the crowd Sunday night at the RSNA 2014 Annual Meeting.

The Radiological Society of North America‘s 2014 Annual Meeting is currently underway in Chicago, Illinois, and this year marks a special milestone for the organization. The RSNA is celebrating their 100th annual meeting, with a focus on the past, present and future of both the organization and radiology.

RSNA President N. Reed Dunnick, M.D., addressed the crowd on Sunday and touched upon a number of topics, including the organization’s historical past and what it needs to do now in order to push radiology even further for the future.

“If we couple our historical strength in research and discovery with our new focus on delivering patient-centered care, I believe the RSNA and radiology will be well positioned for the next 100 years of service to the world,” said Dr. Dunnick.

He pointed out six distinct elements that are key to helping the field evolve and adapt for the future, but also noted that they only add up to half of the solution. The other half, he said, would come from a mix of new scientific advances with true patient-centered care.

To read more about the president’s address, click here: Innovation, Patient Focus Will Help Radiology Thrive for Next 100 Years.

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