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3 Things to Discuss With Your Anesthesiologists Before Going Under

Anesthesia has never been safer, but that doesn’t mean risks aren’t still involved  In the U.S., over 100 million operations and procedures are performed every year using anesthesia. While it’s true that it has advanced and become safer than ever … Continue reading

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Gift or Curse: Surgical ‘Black Box’ Could Be Future of Operating Room

Debate over proper use still in question  Researchers in Canada are developing a surgical “black box,” like the ones used in airplanes, which could change the face of modern surgery. The hope is that the box could become an tool … Continue reading

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Postsurgical Pain Drops in Last Decade

Number of patients reporting moderate to severe pain falls 24 percent Good news for pain management: according to a new study, the number of patients that report moderate to severe pain two weeks after surgery has dropped in the last … Continue reading

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Calming Kids Before Surgery: Give Them an iPad

Tablet-based games could help decrease anxiety before an operation  A new study reports that children who played games on an iPad mini before going under anesthesia for surgery had reduced levels of anxiety compared to regular sedation. The study, published … Continue reading

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