Tracking Heart Health in the Palm of Your Hand

Two U.S. startups get FDA approval for smartphone heart monitoring 

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Two Silicon Valley startups received FDA approval for mobile applications that track patient’s heart health from their smartphone.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given the go-ahead for two Silicon Valley startups that are developing mobile applications which can a track a patient’s heart health from the comfort of their phone. The two companies, AliveCor and Vital Connect, are planning releases by the end of the year.

AliveCor has created a device that can detect heart conditions like atrial fibrillation through electrocardiogram (ECG) readings via smartphone. It fits most mobile devices and rests on a patient’s finger or chest to record an ECG.

Vital Connect has developed a patch called the “HealthPatch MD” which can be placed on one of three areas on the chest, and patients can view their own biometric data directly from their mobile device. Users can keep track of heart rate, pulse variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, steps, “fall” detection and more.

As cardiovascular health remains a worldwide concern, early detection and other preventative measures are crucial in reversing heart disease, and digital healthcare trends such as these could become useful tools for both patients and physicians.

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