TV Special to Highlight Pain Management

Pain remains more prevalent than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined

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A new special airing on public television in August looks to facilitate the national pain management dialogue.

A new public television special airing this August called “Learning About Pain Management” hopes to shed new light on the issues of pain and pain management. The special will focus on the physical experience of “pain,” including how the body senses and is affected by pain. It will also highlight the many pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches at managing it, and what can be done to further improve pain management.

Pain is something everyone experiences at various points in their lives, and it’s the number one reason for physician visits in the U.S. Even with annual costs ranging up to $600 billion, it still remains a condition that’s usually left undiagnosed, untreated or improperly managed. The special will include experts in the field of pain management from across the country as they weigh in on topics such as the psychology of pain and proper rehabilitation, among other areas of interest.

The special will also look at a number of patients and their families and examine the impact of pain on their daily lives.

For more information on the upcoming special, click here.

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